Thursday, April 8, 2010


When asked by CondéNast Traveller: “Are there similarities between music and travel”, Yo-Yo Ma, the virtuoso cellist replied: “Music is ephemeral. You can’t hold on to it, but at the same time the content is all about the value of life. One way of understanding people is to understand their music. Similarly, to get inside a place, you’ve got to not only know a place as a physical space but also get inside the people’s minds. Traveling gives you that kind of insight.”

Incantato specializes in performance tours to Europe because we believe in doing what we know best and we enjoy working with choirs. We care about your upcoming performance tour and we can help you take the necessary steps to get there. By combining excellent travel, concert organizers and a professional marketing team with professional musicians and music educators as part of our full-time staff and advisory team, we set ourselves apart from our competitors.

Our concert managers continuously strive to develop and foster relationships with fellow organizers, musicians and music fans to ensure that every group travelling with us to Europe will be warmly welcomed by an appreciative audience and has the opportunity to perform in just the right venue. The list of Incantato’s cooperations with churches, classic venues and concerts halls and even exotic venues like amphitheatres, composer’s birthplaces, castles and monasteries is long and still growing. We look forward to talking with you and hearing about your hopes and expectations for your next journey.

Incantato’s experienced Performance Tour Consultants have developed insider knowledge and important contacts. They are specialists in the art of performance travel and they are your travel advocates, working for your benefit. We are looking forward to getting to know you and your choir, and to making suggestions compatible with your ideas for a perfect tour. You will always work with the same expert consultant who has extensive knowledge of the festival, the destinations and the venues, with whom also respects your budget. Your personal Incantato Performance Tour Consultant is available before, during and after your journey to handle any issues that may arise.

Here are a few sample Incantato tour concepts to spark your interest. All our itineraries feature world-class venues, in-depth sightseeing and plenty of opportunities for immersion into the local culture to provide your choir with what we promote most of all: Essential Artistic Experiences!

Bellissima Italia” – featuring performances, cultural exchanges and sightseeing in Rome and Assisi, Florence and Lucca, Venice and Padova

Gems of Central Europe” – see Vienna, Prague and Budapest, perform in Stefansdom, St. Vitus Cathedral and either Matyas Templom or St. Stephen’s Basilica, in combination with off-the-beaten path destinations like the Benedictine Monastery of Goettweig, Cesky Krumlov and Szentendre.

Harry Potter Concert Tour” – starting from platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station in London and leading you across mysterious paths to ancient castles, mystical forests to the “Hogwarts School”. This themed itinerary includes performances in major cathedrals, palaces and even a medieval fortress.

Want to know more, inquire about the many European destinations we serve or request a custom itinerary? Then please contact to speak to your personal Incantato Performance Tour Consultant.

Although we are completely booked for 2012 and have started to waitlist interested choirs, bands and orchestra for 2013, it is never too early to begin planning your performance tours for 2014 and beyond!